MARCH 2019


National Social Work Month (NASW)

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (National S.A.V.E.) 

National LGBT Health Awareness Week (National Coalition for LGBT Health)


 ATTENTION ALL Schools of Social Work


  As you prepare to become my colleague, I hope you will thoughtfully consider what you will need to help you out in your practice in the world, wherever it takes you.  I can tell you lots of stories of how NASW has supported me as a professional social worker, and led to wonderful employment opportunities, international presentations and experiences that have enriched my life greatly, as well as those of my family and friends.  

You are choosing this profession for a reason.  Make sure you have the tools and support you need as you out into your chosen profession, wherever it may be!  I think of NASW as my rock...I hope you find it to be yours as well.

Janice Sandefur, ACSW, LCSW

Executive Director, NASW, MS Chapter

Students!  Become the professional social worker you want to be with participation in NASW!  Join for just $57 and benefit from expanded research databases, networking with students and professional through MyNASW, participate in the NASW MS Branch meetings, NASW MS workshops and conference!  NASW is your professional support system as you complete your studies and begin your career! 


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      Mississippi Branches--ALERT NASW MEMBERS!


Branch and Chapter activities are emailed to active NASW members ahead of time.  Our chapter database comes from our national office--if you are not getting national and/or chapter email, please go to  and log into the Membership Center to establish or update your profile and preferred email address!!  

In your member account, you will find a list of PREFERENCES  where you select the email you want;  BE CERTAIN to check CHAPTERS so you will receive the chapter and your local branch email! 

Who is YOUR Branch Representative?

Find your Branch Representative on the Chapter Branches page of this website.

NASW MS Chapter is divided into 10 Branches. Elected Branch Representatives are your voting Board members and organizers for activities in your area. Get to know your Branch Representative and get involved!

CE programs, networking, special events, and community fundraisers are all part of the Branch experience.  Join the local experience of NASW MS to get support and give back to your community!  Branch CE events are free for NASW members!


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Did you know that NASW Members receive a 10% discount on TherapyNotes?  For more information click  


National President, Dr. Kathryn Wehrmann Visits Mississippi

Meridian Branch Rep, Anderea Germany with Dr. Wehrmann,                          MSU-Meridian Social Work Students


Tools for Social Workers to Prevent Gun Violence

NSAW is partnering with the Brady Campaign-Center on gun-violence related issues.  A social justice brief on gun safety that NASW completed and co-branded with the Brady Campaign-Center. Rebecca Gonzales from the NASW California Chapter contributed to the brief. Here is the link to the brief is listed below: 

        Mississippi Social Worker On the National Slate for NASW

A Social Worker from Mississippi is on the ballot for the NASW National Slate.  Voting begins in April.  Click below to view the slate resources/2019%20NASW%20FINAL%20Slate%20-%20Web%20Version.pdf

NASW’s Statement on the Government Shutdown

2019 Schedule of "An Hour with Private Practice" Announced

The 2019 schedule for the popular "An Hour with Private Practice" has been announced. An Hour with Private Practice is a free, question and answer call-in session for NASW members who may have specific questions or concerns about an issue in private practice. The program is held every third Wednesday of the month from noon to 1:00 pm ET. No preregistration is required and members can join in the discussion, ask questions, and make comments. These sessions provide members with important clinical social work updates impacting the delivery of mental health services in a private solo or group practice. Please visit this link for more information and the 2019 schedule of programs.



The continuing education manager that makes license renewal a breeze.

We know how hard it is to keep track of the constantly changing licensing renewal requirements, and we’re here to help. CE tracker tells you exactly what you need to renew your license in your state – everything from the amount and type of CE’s needed, to renewal deadlines.


Members: $25 Non-Members: $40

Provides state-mandated requirements for license renewal

──── Suggests available, valid, NASW Approved content

──── Automatically loads completed CE’s from the CE institute into tracker

──── Recognizes uploaded, completed programs outside of NASW

──── Easy to read dashboard with completion status 


App for Dating Violence and Prevention

myPlan is an online tool designed to help students who may be experiencing dating violence evaluate their safety, make decisions, and connect to campus and community services. It’s also for friends who want to support someone they are concerned may be in an abusive relationship.

Backed by research from multiple NIH funded trials, myPlan can support student safety, is private, personalized for each situation, and completely free. It can be accessed online or via a downloadable smartphone app at  


NASW has been notified by some members that they are receiving letters regarding  reimbursement reductions recently implemented by Humana, Tricare East.  If you have a copy of the email/letter that Humana sent announcing the reduction, please forward a copy to the NASW, MS Chapter office at

Medicaid Work Requirements

On the current tax reform plan:
On Implementing Medicaid work requirements:


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