November 2018 News

Child Safety and Protection Month (National Network for Child Care) 

National Hospice Month (National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization) 

National Adoption Month (National Adoption Information Clearing House) 

Home Care Month (National Association for Home Care) 

National Alzheimer’s Disease Month (Alzheimer’s Association)

 National American Indian and Alaskan Native Heritage Month (Indian Health Service) 

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Purges:  A Growing Threat to The Right to Vote

For the full report, click the link below.

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Mary Glover and Pamela Libys


Kathy Rowan, Ashley Pitts, Stacy Mabile, Marian Laken, Brenda Donald, Joel Biernacki,Angela Savage, Elizabeth Skipper, Carol Boyd,Carol Ripley, Vince Venturini, Tomiko Mackey, Juana Carlize, Ann Russell, Mike Arrington, Valtreasa Tolliver-Cook



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 Our branches are preparing the first programs of the new fiscal year, and we have many new Branch Representatives on our Board! Find your representative on the Board Members page of this website for information.

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Opioid Crisis: No Community is Immune

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           How to Help Hurricane Victims
In light of the recent devastation of Hurricane Florence, the American Red Cross is implementing the Health Professionals Direct Deployment Process for volunteers to support Disaster Mental Health (DMH) and Disaster Health Services (DHS), inviting health and mental health professionals to volunteer in communities that have been affected.
The Direct Deployment Process allows  professionals who are eligible to support Disaster Mental Health or Disaster Health Services, but who are not currently Red Cross volunteers, to deploy as Red Cross volunteers. This initiative covers the volunteers’ transportation, housing, food and incidental costs while they are deployed, as well as pre-deployment training. We ask you to send this invitation out to your chapter members, list serves, colleagues, and any other professionals you might know who are willing and able to help those affected by Hurricane Florence.
For more information on volunteering, please visit:

NASW and the American Red Cross appreciates your support in this critical time of need.

How ANYONE can help:
  • Volunteering: Help your fellow North Carolinians by volunteering through, the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and the American Red Cross.
New App for Dating Violence and Prevention

myPlan is an online tool designed to help students who may be experiencing dating violence evaluate their safety, make decisions, and connect to campus and community services. It’s also for friends who want to support someone they are concerned may be in an abusive relationship.

Backed by research from multiple NIH funded trials, myPlan can support student safety, is private, personalized for each situation, and completely free. It can be accessed online or via a downloadable smartphone app at


This New Federal Law Will Change Foster Care As We Know It

A new federal law, propelled by the belief that children in difficult homes nearly always fare best with their parents, effectively blows up the nation’s troubled foster care system.

Few outside child welfare circles paid any mind to the law, which was tucked inside a massive spending bill President Donald Trump signed in February. But it will force states to overhaul their foster care systems by changing the rules for how they can spend their annual $8 billion in federal funds for child abuse prevention.

The law, called the Family First Prevention Services Act, prioritizes keeping families together and puts more money toward at-home parenting classes, mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment — and puts limits on placing children in institutional settings such as group homes. It’s the most extensive overhaul of foster care in nearly four decades. Click below for the full article...

NASW SHARES “School Safety Resources”

A new  page has been added to the School Social Work Practice page on the NASW website: .   



NASW has been notified by some members that they are receiving letters regarding  reimbursement reductions recently implemented by Humana, Tricare East.  If you have a copy of the email/letter that Humana sent announcing the reduction, please forward a copy to the NASW, MS Chapter office at

Mirean Coleman, MSW, LICSW, CT, Clinical Manager, NASW  

Find out if you are registered to vote: select one of the links and follow instructions

Medicaid Work Requirements

On the current tax reform plan:
On Implementing Medicaid work requirements:


The continuing education manager that makes license renewal a breeze.

We know how hard it is to keep track of the constantly changing licensing renewal requirements, and we’re here to help. CE tracker tells you exactly what you need to renew your license in your state – everything from the amount and type of CE’s needed, to renewal deadlines.


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