............. SOCIAL WORK ADVOCACY DAY at the MISSISSIPPI STATE CAPITOL!!!

                    ...............WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, 2017

                           ................8:30 AM - 2:00 PM  1ST FLOOR ROTUNDA   (SET UP 7:30 AM)
                                                      PRESS CONFERENCE 2ND FLOOR 11:30 AM - 12:00 NOON

                                  ...............ALL SCHOOLS OF SOCIAL WORK INVITED TO DISPLAY!!!



Adopted by NASW MS  Board of Directors October 3, 2015

NASW, MS Chapter supports maintaining social work licensure with current language in the Law.

We oppose combining the MS Board of Examiners for Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists with other Boards.

We endorse the establishment of a stand alone agency for Family & Children's Services with professional level licensed social workers in front line child protective service positions under the supervision of professional level licensed social worker management.

We support legislative recognition of national school social worker credentialing as well as an increase in school social workers. 

We support Medicaid Expansion as allowed for in the affordable care act.  NASW, MS chapter supports the rights of all individuals to have affordable, accessible, and high quality healthcare.

NASW, MS Chapter supports a change in the current flag of Mississippi.  The current flag creates division among large numbers of Mississippians and does not properly reflect the Mississippi of today.

Symbols are a powerful presence in human experience, among all people, in all places around the world, in all walks of life, since the beginning of humankind.  Symbols represent meaning in our lives.  By continuing to sanction public display of the Confederate flag within Mississippi's flag, a known symbol of hate and oppression, we continue to deny the historical pattern of discrimination and oppression, and the brutal and unequal treatment of Mississippi's black citizens.  History must be preserved, and in the context that is correct -- a past chapter in Mississippi's history.  To move forward, we must address racism that continues to exist in areas of education, employment, housing, health, mental health, social services, and political activity.  NASW, MS Chapter supports an inclusive society and believes that now is time for a new flag to become part of the solution. 


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