Suggested format for Congressmen and Senators:


Congressman ____________,  (or Senator______________)


As your Mississippi constituent, I am writing to express serious concerns regarding the priorities of our current national administration.  As active participants in the national legislative process, I want to request that you:


1)  Prevent my taxpayer money from being used to build a wall separating the USA from Mexico now or at any time

2)  Use my taxpayer funds to restore funds to education, healthcare and social programs that benefit ALL American citizens

    Mississippi is already on the bottom of lists of markers of health and education in our country - you are supporting further decline

    by voting for policies reducing funding and shutting down agencies and the federal government programs

3)  Use proven, evidence-based studies to determine your decisions and stand for people and programs, NOT more wealth for the

     top 1% of the population


As a fellow Mississippian, I urge you to consider the current and future realities facing our state and country as you represent me and all Mississippians when you vote.


Thank you,


I’m a Voter

Nameoftown, Mississippi


Contact information:


Senator Thad Cochran                                   Senator Roger Wicker                                         

Ph: (202) 224 5054                                          Ph: (202) 224 6253

Fx: (202) 224 9450                                          Fx: (202)228 0378              

Congressman Steve Palazzo            Congressman Greg Harper               Congressman Bennie Thompson                     Congressman Trent Kelly 

Ph: (202) 225 5772                              Ph: (202) 225 5031                               Ph: (202) 225 5876                                               Ph: (202) 225 4306

Fx: ( 202) 225 7074                               Fx:  (202) 225                                   Fx: (202) 225 5898                                               Fx: (202) 225 3549



2017 Social Work Advocacy Day at the Capitol

We had a fantastic turnout of 380 students, faculty, and others to support the Day of Empathy/#cut50, listen to legislators discuss the process and a number of bills, and participate in a wonderful press conference with Jessica Sloan of #cut50.  We also want to thank the Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, MS #cut50, and the MS Wrap-arouond Services for supporting our efforts by kicking off the even with a reception the evening before at The Parlor Market. It was indeed a fantastic event. We are already gearing up for next year, with a series of events planned as the Social Work licensing law sunsets in 2018....see our Facebook page for pictures at National Association of Social Workers, MS Chapter.  

 National Association of Social Workers, Mississippi Chapter 

  *Our agenda is adopted by our board of directors for social workers to use in their advocacy efforts.    

                                                                                *Bills that are no longer listed have died*

Maintain Social Work Licensure with current language in the law.
NO Active Bills

Oppose combining MS Board of Examiners for Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists with other Boards.
HB 1425:
 Occupation Board Compliance Act of 2017 -  We suggest removing beginning line 27 "approve veto or modify any rules, regulation," to prohibit over-regulation by the governor. There are cost concerns related to providing extra attorneys. (See Section 5). – SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
HB 1490: Fiscal Budget for the MS Board of Examiners for Social Workers and Marriage and family therapists . – SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

Support Medicaid Expansion 

HB 1090:  Revising eligibility for Medicaid and Human Services Transparency and Fraud Prevention Act and other states agencies; Medicaid currently faces under funding by 88 million. Chairman Brown has found millions of dollars in funding to provide an out of state company to assess eligibility.-SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR 

HB 1092: Relating to revising the qualifications for the executive director of the division of Medicaid. –  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
HB 1510/1521: 
These bills do not provide adequate funding for Medicaid. We support increased funding for Medicaid.  – Due From Governor 04/20/17
HB 1512
: Department of Human Services; We support increased funding over the amount allocated in these bills.  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
HB 1513: Department of Child Protection Services; We support increased funding over the amount allocated in these billsSIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

SB 2138: Relating to designating the chairman of the senate Medicaid committee as a member of the Medicaid medical care advisory committee- SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR.

SB 2514: To establish and prescribe responsibilities for the Mississippi Advisory Council on faith-based initiatives within the office of the governor. SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

Support a change in the current flag of Mississippi


Support an increase in tax on higher income (over $250,000) or luxury goods (boats, cars, etc.) to generate additional revenue. 


Support providing adequate funding for public education (K-12, Community Colleges & Universities). 


Additional areas of concern

HB 263
: Relating to clarifying conduct that is considered being bullying behavior. Including certain protections for students. -  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR  
HB 638: This bill authorizes Capital Punishment “by any means necessary.” In an attempt to get around the problems with the lethal injection drugs, this says to either change the drugs, go back to the electric chair, or use a firing squad. – SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
HB 1033: Enact the Recommendations of the Re-entry Council. This would clean up some of the problems that impact parolees and others released from prison. – 
Due From Governor 04/20/17

HB 1119: To revise the manner in which teleconference and video meetings are required to be held under the Open Meetings Act- SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

HB 1330: Relating to Abolishing Certain Inactive Boards, Commissions, Councils, Committees, Authorities, Task Forces and Panels- SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
HB 1356: 
To authorize a criminal sexual assault protection order -  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

SB 2311: Creating tax exempt accounts under the MS Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act.- SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
SB 2680: Technical amendment bill for Child Protective Services; Representative Gipson adds “evidentiary standards” for judges to use in divorce cases, which would provide them with guidance on what is abusive physical conduct. -  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
SB 2689: Prohibits personal use of campaign funds –  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

SB 2710: Authorize all Mississippi law enforcement officers to assist federal agencies by legally detaining illegal aliens. – SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR
SB 2976: Relating to making an appropriation to defray the expenses of the department of mental health and certain programs of the division of alcohol and drug abuse for the fiscal year 2018.- Due From Governor 04/20/17

SB 3015: Making additional appropriation of general funds, Capital Expense funds, and Special funds to defray the expenses of the department of finance and Administration for Fiscal Years 2017 and 2018- Due From Governor 04/20/17

Thank you for your support of professional social work in Mississippi! Please contact our office for any information or assistance on social work matters.

     Your Advocacy Team,       

NASW, MS Chapter 


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can access up to the minute information on all legislative activity as well as find out

 how to contact your Senators, Representatives and other elected officials by going to

 the Mississippi Legislative website:

Find out who your personal Representative and Senator are by clicking on and use your address To find out where to go vote visit

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Below are Links to Other Social Concern Websites... - Mississippi Health Advocacy Program - Southern Poverty Law Center


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