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Our Lives are on the Line Healthcare Rally
Join NASW MS Chapter at the official             Mississippi Our lives are on the Line        Healthcare Rally  
Saturday, July 29th 
South steps Mississippi State Capital!

To download & print the sign click the link: resources/standup.jpg 

 Bring your sign to the Rally to show your support for healthcare in our state and country-this is a National rally!  


from your Executive Director....

What do YOU believe is the right thing to do about healthcare?  Examine your own values, review your NASW Code of healthcare a right or a privilege?

Things are changing constantly in Washington, and it is essential that social workers are vigilant in monitoring and speaking out for healthcare legislation that does not provide for ALL Americans!  We have already been hit with reductions in service for programs here in Mississippi, and we must hold our Senators and Representatives accountable for their action or lack of it.....  

Come to the healthcare rally!  Bring your friends and family! All are welcome! Print the signs we have provided (above link) and be a part of this national movement to show our support for healthcare!

 Fact detail:  While there was not enough Senators in favor of voting for the Senate substitute to the American Health Care Act (H.R. 1628), the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BRCA) of 2017, work continues to modify this bill an bring up another similar bill quickly.

 Analysis of the Better Care Reconciliation Act shows that this bill will not improve the U.S. health care system, and instead will eliminate health insurance coverage and access to health services for millions of Americans.  

 The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that 22-32 MILLION people will lose coverage as a result of BCRA over the next ten years.  Though this bill would reduce the deficit by $321 billion, the reductions are achieved primarily by drastically reducing Medicaid by nearly a trillion dollars over ten years. These changes will significantly limit health care coverage for low-income people, children, pregnant women and individuals with disabilities who depend on the Medicaid program.  This includes nursing home patients.



Capped Funding for Medicaid- The Senate bill cuts billions of dollars from the Medicaid program by converting it to a capped funding model beginning in 2020, giving states limited funds to cover Medicaid beneficiaries.  The per-person cap would not adequately cover eligible people in each state, eventually causing a reduction in services and restrictions on eligibility.  This WILL affect DISABLED AND THOSE IN NURSING HOMES!!!


State Waivers that Allow Work Requirements for Medicaid Recipients- Though the Medicaid program is a key support for people who are currently working, BRCA allows states to institute work requirements in order to qualify for Medicaid coverage for adults who are nonelderly, not disabled or pregnant.  There is no consideration for childcare, elder care, or other supports that make working (being tax-paying citizens) feasible.


Defunding of Planned Parenthood- The Senate bill eliminates federal funding for Planned Parenthood for one year, cutting off health care access for their clinics, which serve all women in need of preventive and routine health services, such as birth control.

...3/4 of the services provided by these clinics are contraception to all ages of women, and testing for and treating sexually transmitted diseases!!! 


State Waivers that Make Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Services Optional- The Senate bill allows states to alter Essential Health Benefits and make insurance coverage for behavioral health services optional.  This proposal will very likely greatly limit access to supportive services and treatment for individuals with mental illness and opioid and other substance use disorders.  The MS Dept. of Mental Health is currently reducing staff due to extreme state funding cuts by the MS Legislature.  We are in dire need of resources in our state for even the most basic mental health and substance abuse coverage!


Making Insurance More Expensive for Older Adults - The Senate bill changes the ACA subsidy structure by cutting tax credits for older adults - those between the ages of 55-65 years - and allows insurers to charge older people up to five times more for insurance than younger Americans.


Tax Cuts for Wealthy Americans-The Senate bill cuts health care of low and middle income Americans and uses it to provide significant tax cuts for pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, corporations and wealthy Americans!!!

What do YOU believe is the right thing to do about healthcare?  Examine your own values, review your NASW Code of healthcare a right or a privilege?

Continue calls, emails, faxes to your Senators and Representatives in Washington!! 

                    Sen. Cochran                Sen. Wicker                          

                    202-224-5054                 202-224-6253 

Be sure and give your name, town, and say in MS!!

Remember YOUR NASW MEMBERSHIP makes social work advocacy possible!!  We need you to stand with us and support healthcare rights!

Join us now!

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Thank you from your NASW, MS Advocacy Team

Janice Sandefur, ACSW, LCSW

Executive Director, NASW MS



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