Kathryn Rehner headed to runoff for Mississippi House District 102



Kathryn will win if we all pitch in!


This message is brought to you by the National Association of Social Workers, Mississippi Chapter and MS PACE.


The NASW Mississippi PACE committee has endorsed Kathryn Rehner, LMSW in her campaign for the Mississippi's House District 102 in Hattiesburg (areas in Forrest and Lamar counties)!  

MS PACE believes that Kathryn possesses the qualities needed to protect and enhance the quality of life for all of us, and especially for the vulnerable populations that we serve.  Kathryn exemplifies the values and commitments of the profession. She listens, and works to resolve disagreements through creative, strengths-based solutions. She seeks collaborative partnerships, and will promote citizen inclusion and civil discourse. She is energetic and passionate about making a meaningful difference in Mississippi public policy. Kathryn Rehner is the kind of representative that we need in Mississippi, and she needs our support to win.

To contribute to this important campaign! donate/kathrynrehner 

Now accepting applications for LSW and LMSW/LCSW positions on the 
MS Board of Examiners for Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists

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Deadline October 31, 2017!


from your Executive Director....

Big advocacy needed now!  Call, fax, and email your Mississippi State Senator and Representative to let them know our social work licensing bill is up for repeal in the January 2018 Legislative Session.  Let them know you support professional  social work and ask them to as well!

Members, make sure your email address is up to date with the national NASW office - call Membership at 

1-800-742-4089 or go online to your account at  

Non-members, we need you to join now more than ever to support state advocacy efforts.  In addition, all Branch CE programs are free to members, there are discounts for CE at all chapter and national events and on-line programs from NASW!  We also provide consultation for members on ethics, legal, and practice matters for members at the state and national level.  All this in addition to professional liability insurance, special discounts with services, and more support for your career with resume writing programs, job boards, and networking opportunities!  NASW is the support for the profession and for you



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Thank you to all our members for your support!!  Your dues keep our professional association alive in Mississippi for advocacy, action, & support of professional social work! 



What do YOU believe is the right thing to do about healthcare?  Examine your own values, review your NASW Code of healthcare a right or a privilege?

We believe that we must continue to be vigilant regarding change to the existing healthcare law in Washington....keep alert to new versions of healthcare bills that may arise, and be ready for action!  More information on the NASW position is on our Advocacy page, and this update....


Congress returned from its August recess with a lengthy to-do list. In the face of two devastating storms and September deadlines to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling, President Trump and Congressional leadership acted swiftly. The agreement, passed in both chambers and signed into law on September 8th, provides emergency disaster relief funding and includes stopgap measures to keep the government running and safe from default through December 8th. With prospects of an imminent spending battle averted, Congress, again, turns to health care. 

Stabilizing Health Insurance Markets

Lawmakers must act quickly to stabilize individual insurance markets ahead of insurers' September 27th rate announcements and before consumers are confronted with sharp premium increases and fewer coverage options. NASW supports a bipartisan approach to strengthening the health insurance marketplace.

Last week the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee held two hearings aimed at laying the ground work for legislation to stabilize the individual health insurance market for 2018. This week the HELP Committee looks to continue its momentum with two additional hearings that will feature health care policy experts and stakeholders. Early indications are that legislation will be narrow in scope, include funding for the health care law's cost-sharing reduction payments, and provide flexibility to states in the form of relaxed regulatory waivers. Negotiations remain extremely fluid and we are monitoring developments closely with our client's interest in mind. Stay tuned. 

Funding Cuts for ACA Open Enrollment Activities

Supporting open enrollment activities is another critical aspect of ensuring the success of the Affordable Care Act. The Trump administration, however, has announced severe cuts to funding for enrollment activities that have been important to informing Americans about insurance options available to them. Navigator grants have been slashed by $30 million and the enrollment advertising budget has been drastically reduced from $100 million to $10 million. In addition, the 2018 enrollment window has been made shorter-it is now available from November 1st through December 15th 2017. NASW encourages social workers to share enrollment information with clients and communities they serve to bring awareness to the narrow window for health insurance enrollment this year.

 Progress on the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Hatch (R-UT) and Ranking Member Wyden (D-OR) have reached a policy agreement on extending the CHIP Program for five years. This represents a significant step forward in negotiations, but much work remains. We will continue to monitor developments closely and update you as we learn more.

Repeal and Replace...Again?

Despite the HELP Committee's ongoing efforts to find bipartisan agreement on stabilizing the Affordable Care Act, the President and Republicans in Congress have not given up, fully, on the idea of repeal and replace. Senate Republicans have until the end of the month to try and vote again on repealing the ACA using the fast track procedure known as reconciliation, whereby only a simple majority (51 votes) is needed to pass legislation.

Legislation championed by Senators Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appears to be Republicans' best chance. The legislation quietly earned Senator McCain's (R-AZ) endorsement last week, a decisive GOP hold out from the last round. Additionally, Senator Cassidy acknowledged, this week, that he's been working with the Congressional Budget Office and reports indicate the latest version was written to comply with the current reconciliation instructions.

In short, the proposal would eliminate enhanced funding for Medicaid expansion and convert ACA subsidies and Medicaid funding into a lump-sum payment to individual states. States would have maximum flexibility to use those dollars and apply for waivers that would undermine consumer protections. While the odds for passage remain long, we must stay vigilant against any efforts to erode coverage and consumer protections for many of nation's most vulnerable populations. NASW will continue to keep you updated and ask that you stand ready to reengage your Members of Congress in the coming weeks. 

Alternative Healthcare Plans 

The debate surrounding single payer is set to heat up in the Democratic caucus as Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) unveiled his single payer legislation earlier today. Meanwhile, Senator Chris Murphy is quietly readying an alternative path to single payer for release later this fall. Stay tuned for continuing coverage.

            NASW says white supremacist rallies, violence in Charlottesville, Va. A blight on American values                                  Association calls on President Donald Trump to condemn white supremacy in all its forms

                                                                             NASW FULL Statement 

                  NASW Responds to DACA....Click resources/NASWDACAStatement.docx for the full response


Hurricane Irma Assistance - NASW Florida Chapter

NASW-FL is reaching out to members in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, checking on necessary resources and providing website links for assistance.  They are also asking for those members who are able, and those from surrounding areas to offer assistance using the following links:

                                          Hurricane Harvey Assistance - NASW Texas Chapter

The Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners is an independent licensing board administratively attached to the Department State Health Services (DSHS). The Board, as an independent entity, maintains a management structure and decision-making authority separate from DSHS. This message is an official communication from the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners.

Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners Harvey Relief Update
The Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners has received authorization from the Governor to create a temporary registration process for social workers with active licenses in good standing from other U.S. states to provide services in connection to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  For more information please visit the board’s webpage at:

Below is information on how to help, we are as a chapter, not directly organizing efforts statewide but directing folks to resources.  Also you can check on the Facebook pages for Houston, Gulf Coast, Southeast Texas for local efforts and needs.  The Governor has temporarily suspended the need for a Texas license if you are working in a hospital and in some cases certified to accept Medicaid.  NASW/TX is asking him, our licensing board, and our state agency HHS, to temporarily suspend the need across the board for Texas Licenses so that out of state folks can assist.

You can check our website for updates which we are doing several times a day at Also keep in mind that if you decide to come and are not a part of an approved or organized group to provide services you might find lodging and food a challenge in addition to not having a license to practice in Texas.

Please go to the URL's below to register as a volunteer.  In the coming days and weeks we will know more and if you register with VOAD and Red Cross they can call you directly to help. If you are a certified Red Cross Volunteer your license is honored in the area/state you are sent to help. 

In the meantime, you can donate monies to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Fund and the Houston Disaster Fund or other local disaster funds for areas affected. Again thank you for your concern and caring about Texans effected by the Hurricane!


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